take a sad song and make it better

Hey everybody. Sorry for the long, unannounced hiatus. Actually, I haven't posted since we found out my wife was pregnant with triplets. Those triplets are arriving on Monday!

Long story short, I don't have time to maintain this site anymore. It has been an informative and provocative experiment, and I plan on leaving it here where people can continue to post, comment or read through the archives.

If anyone out there is interested in taking over the site as the administrator, and has the time to devote to it, feel free to contact me. All I'd ask is that it continue in the spirit of learning and civil conversation in which it began.

Thanks to all the writers, commenters, and lurkers who have participated. I've learned a lot from many of you. I encourage you all to remain passionate about your beliefs while seeking to understand the perspectives of others.

All the best wishes for the future!


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
-Edmund Burke


The Wizzle said...

Well, obviously I am not the lady for that job. It has been an interesting read, though, and I have enjoyed my participation here.

I really think a forum like this has value, though, in the LDS community. I hope I can find another one, maybe just as an observer this time. :)

Stephanie said...

I might be interested if we had contributors committed to posting regularly.

Good luck, Mike! Your life is going to be one crazy ride from here on out. :)

matt said...

i enjoyed this site and would love to see it live on, If, like Stephanie said, there were regular posts.

Stephanie said...

matt, if you are interested in being a contributor, that would make two of us on the "right" side. Anyone else?

matt said...

well Steph, I think we are the minority. Too bad. I enjoyed have my blood pressure raised every now and then! :)

Matt said...

Here is my post since I can't put a real one up

I didn't vote for Obama either.
Obama is not the ANTI CHRIST!
Glenn Beck is not a prophet!

It is good to be cautious and concerned. It is also good to live your religion by example.

Why do stereotypes exist? Usually because they are mostly true. Remember, many Americans see us (Mormons) as judgmental hypocrites, which often times is true. We seem to rationalize our judgments as just, when we believe it to be a "righteous judgment".

We are in heated political times, We need to stand up when necessary. Likewise, we need to show charity and maturity in dealing with politics so that we don't perpetuate the hypocritical LDS stereotypes.

Obama is not Mormon and as does not adhere to our beliefs. This does not make him evil, or the anti Christ. He has a different set of ideals than what we know, and he is trying to do what he feels is best for our country. I too disagree with most of his policies, but feel that respect and decency is critical at this time. The country is very divided. Somebody needs to step up as the peacemaker. This does not imply that we conform to liberal ideology, it means that we actually practice the principals of our religion.

President Obama is going to talk to school age children on Tuesday. Most of you have probably received numerous emails regarding his speech, and the concern of indoctrination etc. that will be spread. Use this opportunity to talk to your children about politics, religion, and respect. If you don't agree with the Presidents speech, that is fine, talk about it. Pulling your children out of school is avoiding the situation.

Stand up for what is right, practice the principals or your religion.

Stephanie said...

I agree, Matt. I let my kids watch it.